NYC Web Apps CMS is a white labeling plugin that re-brands wordpress for you. Using this plugin you can continue to promote your brand throughout.

Download Plugin

  • ‘nycwebapps-cms’ plugin is for WordPress Developers and Web Designers who use WordPress to develop websites for their clients.
  • ‘nycwebapps-cms’ plugin is the only plugin in the market that provides user friendly interface to re-brand word press in few easy steps.
  • Use ‘nycwebapps-cms’ plugin to White Label WordPress admin login, User login screen, and the dashboard.
  • This beta version of ‘nycwebapps-cms’ plugin is tested with WordPress 3.1.3 and above.
  • ‘nycwebapps-cms’ works with both WordPress and WordPress Multisite. We will soon launch upgraded version of this plugin with more features.