Eye Tracking

Why EyeQuant?

EyeQuant customers see conversion uplifts of 50% or more.
your conversion rate

Do you want to substantially increase your conversion rate?


Conversion optimization experts know that the first few seconds of a user’s visit make it or break it – if you fail to convince users to stay, you cannot convert them to customers. High converting websites present the benefits of their offer and a clear call-to-action as fast and convincing as possible. EyeQuant helps you test and optimise your design for this quicker than ever before:

  • Pre-Test any design before it goes live within seconds.
  • Identify design flaws and optimize them step by step.
  • Generate new and better ideas for more successful A/B testing.

EyeQuant customers like Groupon have improved their conversion rates by 50% or more: check out our Case Studies section to learn more or sign up now for a free test!

What is EyeQuant?

Get Eye-Tracking results within seconds – all it takes is your web address.

Are your websites losing
the battle for attention?
Most do.


  • Get immediate results via a web service: no code, no software, no IT.
  • Identify huge optimization potentials in the blink of an eye.
  • Optimize Conversion Rates, Usability and Engagement step by step.

With billions of online offers competing for eye-balls, it’s terribly standard to lose over half of your visitors within the blink of an eye: if users can’t find what they are looking for within seconds, they’re gone.

What’s the secret of successful websites then? The simple truth is that users need to see why they should stick around on your website right away – your offer, its benefits and a clear call-to-action must be immediately visible. Eye-Tracking studies are a wonderful way to test and optimise your design for that, but they are expensive and take weeks to deliver results.